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7 ways to boost your energy, against all odds!

Kevin Ross

If you have been following along with our theme for the year, “Unlocking Your Opportunity” we have already reviewed our past, developed a plan for the future, and committed to put our plans into action.  And for any of this to happen, it takes energy to make it work, but sometimes there are roadblocks to our own energy levels. Whether they are physical, environmental or mental, check out some of my favorite ways to boost energy and leave a productivity slump in the dust, all far more effectively than any energy drink :)

1) Get moving—>

Whether it’s an early morning gym session, a conference call you can take while strolling around the block or a nearby park, or a bike ride after a long day at the office, when you move you will gain energy and throw the “office slump” out the window. Even when you are in the office, sitting for too long with out breaks will zap your energy levels. Getting up and moving around, every 50 minutes (basically 1 time per hour) is recommended to maintain maximum energy and keep you energized for the long run! 

2) Master the power nap—>

Naps aren’t calling it quits, but rather recharging or “powering up” before a big fight. While sleeping at your desk might not be the best in etiquette (and perhaps not allowed in your office), if you can steal 5 minutes in a parking lot (or, yes, even close your door for a little quick office shut eye post lunch) you’ll hit back those afternoon meetings and tasks with vengeance! 

3) Know your own schedule—>

We all have different times of the day we’re most active and focused, so why not put that to use? If you’re a morning person, let people know that and arrange meetings on the early side. If you always have a post lunch slump, do not schedule an important sales call for 1:30pm! Sometimes working with the system rather than fighting against it is the best way to find success. 

4) Don’t eat $@%!—>

Have you ever felt like writing a huge sales pitch right after Thanksgiving dinner, or immediately a huge holiday party— of course not, so why would you eat a huge breakfast or lunch (or have 3 pieces of that birthday cheesecake!) you know will slow you down all afternoon when you’re trying to be productive. Pick foods that are fresh, colorful, light and fast (just like the best version of you!), and you’ll fly through your day and your to-do list!

5) Space out your caffeine—>

Similarly, we all known caffeine is great when you're feeling slumped, but try swapping that extra large, venti, super-sized coffee you have first thing for a few small cups of joe throughout the day. The former is akin to shotgunning a 6-pack of beer before you head to a party to "loosen up." It's simply overkill! Have less and spread it out... your brain (and body) will thank you in the long run.

6) Amp up your playlist—>

Music sets the mood; I am a very firm believer in this and I'm not alone! Research shows certain tunes set the the stage for particular emotions: confidence, power, decisiveness and of course, energy! Learn how to use music to your advantage, and go wild with your Spotify lists. Perhaps Mozart will boost your morning and Queen will help you power through your afternoon… the choice is yours, just make it work for your goals and be sure to turn it up!

7) Change of scenery—>

It can be hard to stay energized with the same physical view each and every day, that's why when I can, I mix it up with a "change in zip code, " which often has a huge influence on my energy levels! In Florida, I like to head out to the beach to write, or even sit by my pool, but it can be as simple as going to a cafe, sitting in a park, or even moving to a new desk in your office or area of your house or apartment to offer a fresh perspective on the task at hand. Give it a try!


Re-frame your mind, and find the energy within!

While there are often physical & circumstantial reasons that you might feel stuck in a slump, many times we don't have energy merely because we imagine the challenges to be bigger than they really are.  Have you thought of all the reasons why you can’t achieve your goals? Have you spent the same amount of time considering how great it will be when you do achieve your goal?  There are thousands of stories of overcoming odds to be successful, but all of them require the energy to keep going, to finish the race, and to get up just one more time than you get knocked down.

We all get tired and discouraged at times.  That is why we need to find the things that give us the energy and the motivation to go on.  As with any plan, it takes energy and effort to make it work.  Even a great plan with good intentions will fail if you only make a half-hearted attempt.  Achieving anything worthwhile is going to take everything you have!  Passion, excitement, belief, commitment, and effort are the magic ingredients to producing your own internal energy… and believe me, it is better than any energy drink you can buy off the shelf!

Until next time…

3 reasons the best time to get started is NOW!

Kevin Ross

Three frogs were sitting on a log.  One decided to jump off; how many were left on the log?  The correct answer is three. One frog decided to jump off, but he got distracted and never really got around to actually doing what he decided to do!  Much like many business owners who develop elaborate business plans, conduct endless meetings and talk about all the things they are going to do… without action, nothing changes.

The last couple of months we have discussed reviewing your business and developing a plan of action.  Today is about action: not talking, not planning, and not thinking of all the reasons to delay a decision...  Putting your plans into action requires you to actually do something!  So, go get a pad of paper and a pen ready, it's time to take the first step in putting your ideas into action.

1) Make your to-do list

The old-fashioned “to do” list is still the most efficient way for me to get something accomplished.  Many times my head becomes so full of tasks to do that I forget tasks, or find myself becoming paralyzed by all the details that I need to remember.  The simple act of writing things down on paper (or digitally) free up my brain to focus on the task at hand, and it also seems to reduce my stress because I am not worried about forgetting something.  Additionally, it makes me feel really good when I can go back later and cross a completed task off my list! I really do get a feeling of accomplishment even if it is a simple task like taking out the trash on the right day.

2) Setting priorities

Not all tasks are created equal!  You may not realize it, but your sub-conscious will assign every task in your memory equal importance.  So, taking out the trash is right up there with a conference call to close a big contract.  When you write down your action list, it allows for you to assign the mission critical tasks a higher priority in your day.  As you developed your business plan, there were certain things that you identified as critical to your operation like hiring a sales person, however there were also items that could wait until you could find the time.  You only have so many hours in a day, so if you are dedicated to taking action, you must make your list, and pick the priorities, otherwise you are subject to the crisis of the hour.  Don’t get caught up in activities, focus on accomplishment!

3) Just do it!

Nike’s famous slogan is the perfect fit for putting plans into action.  You will never have all the data you would like to have.  There is seldom a perfect time for any business to take on new activities, however when you take action and “Just Do It!” there is an equal and opposite reaction… things happen!  You may find that your planning and preparation has paid off and you are on your way to improving the business, or you might find that this may not be as smooth as you planned.  Either way, you have encountered a valuable experience that will allow you to adapt, and update your business plan.  There is no better indication of whether your plan is correct than to put it into motion… and that requires action!   You can watch endless videos of how to swim, or you can attend swim classes, however you don’t really know if you can swim adequately until you actually get in the water!  So, I invite you to jump in the water and soon you will know if all the planning and review has prepared you for the experience.  It may not be pretty at first but if you have reviewed your lessons, and planned accordingly, it can be an exhilarating experience. But as we all know, it is best to swim near the life-guard!

Progress is always going to require making a decision, and like the frog story above, following through on the decision with action!  Be bold, and write down your to-do list, prioritize your list and then pick one that you can do in the next 10 minutes to cross it off your list.  It will make you feel good, and it will spur you into action on another one that you can do before today is done!

Just so you know, after reading this blog, there are now only two frogs left on the log!

Until Next Time…