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4 Steps Towards Accomplishment: Move To Action!


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4 Steps Towards Accomplishment: Move To Action!

Kevin Ross

True story-- I joined a health club to lose a little weight once and I didn’t lose one single pound...! Then my wife reminded me that in order for me to actually lose weight, I had to in fact GO to the health club and exercise. You see, just joining was merely a step in the process, action is required if you want to succeed!

In our continuing theme of "Unlocking Your Opportunity," April’s focus is action.  We have reviewed our current situation and developed a great plan in order to achieve those goals, however, now it is time to take action to implement the plan.  Much like my health club example, nothing will change if we simply think about the things we need to do, or wish we would do. We must take the next step, which is sometimes the hardest, and take action to implement our plans for success!

Physics reminds us, it takes action to put things in motion.  We can plan, worry, debate, and wonder about what we should do, but there is a time to quit experiencing "paralysis by analysis" and do something.  Many times, just taking the first step will give you the confidence and/or knowledge to take step number two.  Whether it is in your family, or a relationship, the other party is waiting for you to do something.  Taking action will put you in a leadership role and set your agenda moving forward… even if you change direction, something happened!  

1) Pull out your plan that we discussed last month

2) Decide what action you can take today to move one of your goals forward

3) Do it: don’t debate, don’t hesitate, just take action! 

4) Repeat :)

You will be glad you did!

Until Next Time…